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Ma Che Cazzo Vuoi?

For the hot-tempered Italian lover.

Fuck Off

For the paparazzi hater and cocky motherf***er.

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Attitude Pack

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Chillout Pack

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Designed in Sweden,
inspired by Italy


TRG Clothing was founded in 2020 by The Rooftop Guide – the world’s leading platform about rooftop venues. TRG stands for The Rooftop Guide.

When traveling the world, visiting over 800 rooftop bars during the last few years, we’ve met many people from different countries and cultures. The different body languages and hand gestures inspired us to create t-shirts with unique hand gestures and what they mean in an uncensored way.

TRG Clothing is made for all ages, cultures and genders!


Shipping all across the world

You shop, we ship to where you are.


Premium Photo Print

Our hand gesture t-shirts are printed with DTG, a precise method that produces high-quality results.