Attitude Pack


3 x shirts  – Ma Che Cazzo Vuoi + Fuck Off + Up Your’s


Fit: Contemporary regular fit for men. Model is 178cm, wearing size Large.

Material: 100% cotton – ring-spun long lasting material. Premium cotton for long lasting fit.

Print: Premium photo print with DTG (Direct To Garment) method. The DTG printing method is precise and produces high quality results. It is an excellent method for creating long lasting, durable prints on clothing.

Model: Crew neck

Available sizes: small | medium | large | x-large | xx-large

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3x shirts to make a statement

Attitude Pack

A pack with 3 unique premium quality t-shirts, made for the one really looking to make a statement.  Includes the t-shirts ‘Ma Che Cazzo Vuoi’, ‘Fuck Off’ and ‘Up Your´s’.

Ma Che Cazzo Vuoi?

Packed with all the right Italian attitude, ‘Ma Che Cazzo Vuoi?’ is the Italian phrase for something like ‘What the f**k do you want from me?’. Easily demonstrated with one simple hand gesture.

Up Your's

Packed with a British feeling and attitude, the ‘Up Yours’ gesture is commonly seen in football stadiums and among British music icons. On our t-shirt, the hand gesture is printed with the DTG method resulting in a high quality and long-lasting print.

Fuck Off

Packed with attitude and boldness, the high quality DTG print ‘Fuck Off’ displays a gesture commonly used by celebrities and music artists being photographed by paparazzi’s. Don’t bother give them the finger, just show them your shirt. No pictures, please!

TRG Clothing

Unique hand gesture t-shirts in premium quality.

Designed in Sweden.

Premium photo print with DTG (Direct To Garment) method.

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