Hang Loose


For the laid back and casual dude.


Fit: Contemporary regular fit for men. Model is 178cm, wearing size Large.

Material: 100% cotton – ring-spun long lasting material. Premium cotton for long lasting fit.

Print: Premium photo print with DTG (Direct To Garment) method. The DTG printing method is precise and produces high quality results. It is an excellent method for creating long lasting, durable prints on clothing.

Model: Crew neck

Available sizes: small | medium | large | x-large | xx-large

Overflowing with

surf-swag & Aloha spirit

Hang Loose

A unique premium quality t-shirt packed with surf-swag and Aloha spirit. The Hang Loose is also known as the Shaka sign, commonly used by surfers and skaters. But during recent years it has also become a regular hand gesture among sports-, party- and lifestyle profiles.

Inspired by icons

Laird Hamilton, Kobe Bryant, Ronaldinho, Barak Obama and Sky Brown are some of the great legends who inspired us to make this shirt. When Laird caches a big wave, Ronaldinho scored a beautiful goal, or when Kobe hit the game winning bucket, are some of the moments we found inspiration from.

Inspired by places

When creating the ‘Hang Loose’ t-shirt we always had some of our favorite beach clubs in the back of our minds. The laid back, yet stylish beach club environment is a perfect place to wear this shirt. To mention a few, we love Arienzo Beach Club on the Amalfi Coast, La Fontelina on Capri and Tao Beach Club on Sicily.

Arienzo Beach Club, on the Amalfi Coast in Italy

Hang Loose


The Hang Loose, sometimes known as “Shaka Sign”, is a gesture of friendly intent often associated with Hawaii and surf culture. It consists of extending the thumb and smallest finger while holding the three middle fingers curled and gesturing in salutation while presenting the front or back of the hand; the hand may be rotated back and forth for emphasis. While the shaka sign has spread internationally from its Hawaiian cultural roots to surf culture and beyond, the hand gesture also bears a variety of meaning in different contexts and regions of the world.

Residents of Hawaii use the shaka to convey the “Aloha Spirit”, a concept of friendship, understanding, compassion, and solidarity among the various ethnic cultures that reside in Hawaii, lacking a direct semantic to literal translation. The shaka can also be used to express “howzit?”, “thanks, eh?”, and “all right!”. Drivers will often use it on the road to communicate distant greetings and gratitude.

In California, the shaka sign may be referred to as “hang loose” or “hang ten”, both associated with surfer culture. Along coastal Brazil, the “hang loose”, is a common gesture; Ronaldinho usually celebrated the goals he scored by giving the crowd a double shaka. It is also associated with the Brazilian Jiu jitsu community internationally.

TRG Clothing

Unique hand gesture t-shirts in premium quality.

Designed in Sweden.

Premium photo print with DTG (Direct To Garment) method.

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