Rock & Roll


For the party animal.


Fit: Contemporary regular fit for men. Model is 178cm, wearing size Large.

Material: 100% cotton – ring-spun long lasting material. Premium cotton for long lasting fit.

Print: Premium photo print with DTG (Direct To Garment) method. The DTG printing method is precise and produces high quality results. It is an excellent method for creating long lasting, durable prints on clothing.

Model: Crew neck

Available sizes: small | medium | large | x-large | xx-large

Bring the

party to you

Rock & Roll

A unique premium quality t-shirt packed with a vibrant Rock n Roll and party feeling. Show your environment who’s the party animal in the room by putting on this t-shirt.

Inspired by icons

This unique t-shirt is inspired by many iconic legends from Italy. To pic a few, our favorites are Filippo Inzaghi, Francesco Totti, Sofia Lauren, Joe Pesci and Paulie (from Sopranos). The way they make the hand gesture is simply made to perfection. For example, when Inzaghi pledges to the referee for a penalty or when Paulie speaks to a wise guy in New Jersey.

Inspired by places

When creating this shirt and the places where it blends in perfect, our vision and inspiration are found from historical Italian cities and luxurious Italian hotels. Fabulous spots like Grand Hotel Timeo in Taormina, Belmond Caruso in Ravello (Amalfi Coast) and Hotel La Palma in Stresa are some of our favorites. As for cities, we’re absolutely in love with Firenze, Roma and Napoli. The history, architecture and people from these cities are something special.

Grand Hotel Timeo in Taormina, Sicily, overlooking Etna.

Rock & Roll


Rock on or devil’s horns hand are a general symbol of rock and roll and heavy metal culture. It is a hand gesture which is used in different cultures and holds a variety of meaning.

Many people tend to get confused between the ‘rock on’ hand sign and the ‘I love you’ in sign language. They do the horns gesture incorrect by extending their thumb.

It is known by a variety of terms such as devil sign, goat horns, metal sign, metal horns, evil fingers, and, also rock fist. You must have seen this gesture on rock concerts, celebrities sporting this sign, in fact even you would be using it. To sport this sign you need to fold your middle and ring fingers to the palm of your hand and keep your thumb over the bend fingers, leaving the index and pinky fingers pointing upwards, like horns.

TRG Clothing

Unique hand gesture t-shirts in premium quality.

Designed in Sweden.

Premium photo print with DTG (Direct To Garment) method.

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